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List of Training & Professional Development Program (UPDATED 08-25-16)





Crisis Management

Implementer Course

Learn the basic of crisis management program

and the tool/techniques to help to develop specific

crisis management plans as well as  strategies by  

World  Class   Organizations   for  improving   their

 Crisis program. Understand the intricacies of crisis

management  and  will  be  guided  through  a  structured

approach in escalating and activating of an incident

to the management of a crisis.

Plus a chance to benchmark participant’s

Crisis Management Program to global

standards (ISO-BS11200)

Investment : P4,000.00 (Inclusive of meals,

training materials & special certificate)

Business Continuity

Management for Security

Practitioners and Industry Partners

Understand the business continuity management  

requirements of ISO 22301:2012. understand the

concept of  business impact analysis (BIA), risk

management (RA)  approach for critical activities,

recovery strategy approach,  business continuity

plan (BCP) development, and program maintenance

Investment : P3,300.00 (Inclusive of meals, training

materials & special certificate)





Training The Trainers(T3)

For Security Supervisors & Managers

Conducting training needs analysis, developing

specialized-training modules, conducting and managing

training activities, understanding adult training principles,

marketing yourself as a trainer, aligning security

training to organization’s goal, strengthening leadership

thru meaningful training delivery, lesson plan and

adult learning principles techniques

Investment : P2, 500 (Inclusive of meals,

training materials & special certificate)

Corporate & Security

Investigation Strategies

Similarities and differences of corporate, security,

and law enforcement investigation concepts and practices,

investigation framework and other legal considerations,

case management, statement and behavioural  analysis,

and developing  acceptable report to management

Investment : P2, 500 (Inclusive of meals,

training materials & special certificate)






Business & Organization

Security Administration

and Special Certificate

This competency and outcome-based program

is a career-building training series designed to

advance security professionals at any stage of their

career and find ways to apply experiences to changing

risks. This aims to strengthen the current level of skills

and reinforce previously acquired industry knowledge

who are directly and indirectly involved with security tasked

to protect hard-earned assets and precious lives.  It can be demonstrated through the efficient use of resources

and effective implementation of system and technology

with the objective to contain if not prevent business losses

and interruptions related to people, property, information,

money and negotiable instruments, continued patronage of the customer and the client interest

Date : September 21-22, 2016

Investment : August 15 - P 5,500.00

                             September 15 - P 6,500.00

                                       On-site Registration - P 8,500.00

Inclusive of materials,

meals and certificate of completion

Developing & Implementing

a Security Master Plan

The business of security in the advanced economy,

evaluating business related risks, conducting a site security

assessment, determining what prevention crisis management

and recovery program exist, constructing the security

master plan, utilizing plan in managing the business

Investment : P2,500.00 (Inclusive of meals, training

materials & special certificate)





Private Detective &

Special Investigation Course

Professional and business opportunities, developing

effective marketing plan, legal aspect, developing report,

preparing and testifying in court, handwriting and fingerprinting

analysis, computer investigation, executive protection, loss

prevention, administrative and other form of administrative

investigation such as pre-employment, background check,

lifestyle, surveillance, undercover, business integrity, Intellectual property, fraud, etc.)

Package - P 13,000.00

(Inclusive of Drug-Test, Neuro-Psychiatric test 

and processing of PD License)

Training  Only - P 10,000.00 

Certified Security Trainer (CSY) Review

& Certification Program

A certification program designed for trainers in the

security profession exclusively conducted by the

Philippine Association of Recognized Security Training

Schools (PARSTS), Inc. Graduates will be conferred with a

title of Certified Security Trainer (CST) which aims to

increase relevance and productivity in the organization,

strengthen leadership through  quality training, develop skills

in module preparations for compliance and specialized-course,

enhance skills in training delivery, lesson plan and adult

learning principles and techniques

Investment:  P 7,800.00





Calibrating Security

Survey & Audit

The seminar aims to guide participants on how to

conduct  security  risks  assessment  and  audit  in

accordance with applicable security   standards  with

 the following topics;  understanding  the  standards  of

security industry (ASIS, PSIS, etc. Al.) and United  

Nations, and searching for the best template

Interview &

Interrogation Techniques

The seminar aims to guide participants on how to

interview person-of-interest in the principle, asking

questions and interpreting non-verbal responses

Option 1 - P2,000.00 (1 topic only)

Option 2 - P 3,500.00( 2 topics)


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Professional Development & Continuing Education Program Series 3







Seminar 1

Interview - Interrogation Techniques

The seminar aims to guide participants on how to interview

person of interest in the course of conducting Corporate

Investigation.  It will discuss the following specific topic on

the  interview techniques.

- Basic Principle

- Asking Questions

- Interpreting Non-Verbal Responses

P2,000.00 Inclusive of materials,

lunch, special certificate and meals)

Seminar 2

Calibrating Security Assessment & Audit

The seminar aims to guide participants on how to conduct

Security Risks Assessment and Audit in accordance with

applicable security standards.  It will discuss the following

specific topics:

- Understand the Standards-Security 

Industry (ASIS, PSIS, and United Nations (UN)

- Searching for the Best Template

P2,000.00 Inclusive of materials,

lunch, special certificate and meals)

Who should attend : Investigators, Security Investigators/Officers, Consultants, Auditors, HR Practitioners Note : The participant has the option to attend any of the 2 topics only.


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Professional Development & Continuing Education Program Series 2



Corporate  &

Security Investigation

Strategic Approach to

Asset Protection & Loss Prevention

Specific differences and similarities

of Corporate Law Enforcement and

Security Investigators.

Investigation Framework and Legal

Guides and Considerations.

Case Management, Statement and

Behavioural Analysis in relation

to Security Investigation

Report Writing Workshop acceptable

to corporate organization.

Managing Interview/Inquiry to

Person-Of-Interest and Application

of Effective Techniques and Tactics.

Developing Effective Techniques

to obtain Confession and/or Admission

Developing Assets and Informants

and Effective Elicitation Techniques

Case Studies related to Business

Integrity Check, False Claims, Liabilities,

Pre-Employment, Lifestyle, Undercover,

Surveillance, and Administrative

Investigation for Employees.

Developing and Implementing

a Security  Master Plan

A Business Security

Management Perspective

The Business of Security in

the Advanced Economy

- Engaging the Stakeholders

- Developing Security


-- Developing Strategies

Evaluating the Business Risks

 - Potential  Risks  to

the Business

- Defining the Presence of Risks

- Information Gathering


Conducting a Site

Security Assessment 

- Aspects of Security


- Aspects of

Physical Security

- Aspects of

Information Protection

Determining What Prevention

Crisis Management  and

Recovery Program Exist

- Interviewing Executive

and Security Management

- Constructing 

- Utilizing Plan in

Managing the Business

Note : This is a one-day training workshops.

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Professional Development & Continuing Education Program Series 1

(With Letter of Authority from PNP-SOSIA)

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Special Investigation &

Private Detective Course

- Professional and Business

Opportunities in Private Investigation.

- Developing Effective Marketing

Plan as Private Investigator.

- Authorities, Duties, and Powers of Private Investigators in the Legal System and other considerations.

- Developing Investigation Report

with Legal and Corporate Value

- Preparing and Testifying in

Court Proceedings for Private Investigators.

- Computer Investigation in

relation to Cyber Crime.

- Forensic Investigation in relation to

Handwriting and Fingerprinting Analysis.

- Developing Executive Protection

Program as part of Private Investigator’s Role.

- Loss Prevention Strategies

for Retail Operations.

- Conducting Administrative Inquiry in

relation to Background Check,

Pre-Employment Screening,

Lifestyle & Financial Check and

other forms of Due Diligence

- Developing Effective Techniques on

Surveillance, Undercover,

Competitive Intelligence,

and Corporate Espionage.

- Applying  Effective Interviewing

Techniques and Tactics, Statement and Behavioural Analysis, and Elicitation Methodologies.

Basic Security

Supervisory Course

- Legal Aspect of Security and related issues

- Basic Intelligence in relation to Barangay Intelligence Network

- Security Investigation Management

- Physical Security Planning and Management

- Security Management & Leadership

- Guard Force Management

Principles and Practices

- Community & Public Relations

- Gender and Development

- The Development of Leadership

- Problem Solving & Decision Making

- The Supervisor’s Role in

Security Management

- Challenges & Opportunities in

Guard Force Supervision

- Training Management for Supervisor

- Terrorism and Other

Forms of Criminality

- Safety Management and

Accident Investigation

- Emergency, Contingency

& Crisis Planning & Response

Note : This is a modular program. A special certificate will be issued for each module indicating the subjects. However, should the student decides to finish the course, a Certificate of Training will be issued and the student is eligible for the application for Security Officer and Private Detective license to exercise profession. We encourage that only the College Graduate or holder of a Baccalaureate Degree should enrol. Please call us now at 0915.1531711 or 835.5348 for details.

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