Professional Development & Continuing Education Program Series 1

(With Letter of Authority from PNP-SOSIA)

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Special Investigation &

Private Detective Course

- Professional and Business

Opportunities in Private Investigation.

- Developing Effective Marketing

Plan as Private Investigator.

- Authorities, Duties, and Powers of Private Investigators in the Legal System and other considerations.

- Developing Investigation Report

with Legal and Corporate Value

- Preparing and Testifying in

Court Proceedings for Private Investigators.

- Computer Investigation in

relation to Cyber Crime.

- Forensic Investigation in relation to

Handwriting and Fingerprinting Analysis.

- Developing Executive Protection

Program as part of Private Investigator’s Role.

- Loss Prevention Strategies

for Retail Operations.

- Conducting Administrative Inquiry in

relation to Background Check,

Pre-Employment Screening,

Lifestyle & Financial Check and

other forms of Due Diligence

- Developing Effective Techniques on

Surveillance, Undercover,

Competitive Intelligence,

and Corporate Espionage.

- Applying  Effective Interviewing

Techniques and Tactics, Statement and Behavioural Analysis, and Elicitation Methodologies.

Basic Security

Supervisory Course

- Legal Aspect of Security and related issues

- Basic Intelligence in relation to Barangay Intelligence Network

- Security Investigation Management

- Physical Security Planning and Management

- Security Management & Leadership

- Guard Force Management

Principles and Practices

- Community & Public Relations

- Gender and Development

- The Development of Leadership

- Problem Solving & Decision Making

- The Supervisor’s Role in

Security Management

- Challenges & Opportunities in

Guard Force Supervision

- Training Management for Supervisor

- Terrorism and Other

Forms of Criminality

- Safety Management and

Accident Investigation

- Emergency, Contingency

& Crisis Planning & Response

Note : This is a modular program. A special certificate will be issued for each module indicating the subjects. However, should the student decides to finish the course, a Certificate of Training will be issued and the student is eligible for the application for Security Officer and Private Detective license to exercise profession. We encourage that only the College Graduate or holder of a Baccalaureate Degree should enrol. Please call us now at 0915.1531711 or 835.5348 for details.