Professional Development & Continuing Education Program Series 2



Corporate  &

Security Investigation

Strategic Approach to

Asset Protection & Loss Prevention

Specific differences and similarities

of Corporate Law Enforcement and

Security Investigators.

Investigation Framework and Legal

Guides and Considerations.

Case Management, Statement and

Behavioural Analysis in relation

to Security Investigation

Report Writing Workshop acceptable

to corporate organization.

Managing Interview/Inquiry to

Person-Of-Interest and Application

of Effective Techniques and Tactics.

Developing Effective Techniques

to obtain Confession and/or Admission

Developing Assets and Informants

and Effective Elicitation Techniques

Case Studies related to Business

Integrity Check, False Claims, Liabilities,

Pre-Employment, Lifestyle, Undercover,

Surveillance, and Administrative

Investigation for Employees.

Developing and Implementing

a Security  Master Plan

A Business Security

Management Perspective

The Business of Security in

the Advanced Economy

- Engaging the Stakeholders

- Developing Security


-- Developing Strategies

Evaluating the Business Risks

 - Potential  Risks  to

the Business

- Defining the Presence of Risks

- Information Gathering


Conducting a Site

Security Assessment 

- Aspects of Security


- Aspects of

Physical Security

- Aspects of

Information Protection

Determining What Prevention

Crisis Management  and

Recovery Program Exist

- Interviewing Executive

and Security Management

- Constructing 

- Utilizing Plan in

Managing the Business

Note : This is a one-day training workshops.